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The Self-Storage Steel Building Industry

American Steel Buildings has been the leading supplier of self storage steel buildings and mini storage steel buildings since the early 1990s.
We believe the reason is because of our extreme competitive pricing coupled with our award-winning  customer service.

We stay with you from concept to completion. Whether it is a complex, or a single mini storage steel building, we have your back.
Click above our Self-Storage Floor Plans page and fill out a free quote request to find out more about our self storage steel buildings.
We offer extreme customer service, quality mini storage steel buildings and our customer base now spans the entire country. All buildings are designed to be compliant with your local codes.
We also offer our highly recommend erection crews we have contracted with for years. We will set everything up with them and they will take care of you. We only recommend the best crews!
Since our buildings include construction drawings, smaller buildings can be erected with basic construction knowledge. 

A growing number of self storage owners have broadened their range of services.

These services include everything from retail space to technology-based offerings. Considering that the need for storage remains steady, adding these kinds of services allows self storage businesses to increase revenue at an increased level of profit.

Depending on the location of the self storage buildings, additional business opportunities abound. Owners who know the needs of local residents or other businesses in the area should be able to determine what supplementary services would be successful. By talking to people and surveying existing businesses, you should be able to determine what types of offerings will thrive.

The majority of self storage facilities compete with other self storage businesses in their area, so you need to carve out an additional niche to set your facility apart from the others.

I recommends taking the surrounding area into account when choosing additional services to offer. For instance, a self storage business in an industrial area might do well to add a shipping or mailing service. 

The layout of the property also can help determine what additional services will succeed. If self storage steel buildings sit back from the street, we advise business owners to consider adding a retail space, perhaps even a strip mall. 

The SSA (Self-Storage Association) study also shows that an average of one in every 10 U.S. households currently rents a self storage unit. While that represents a large customer pool, business owners still have the potential to reach out to the other 90 percent of the population who is not currently in the market for self storage.

Self storage by itself is an extremely lucrative business. However, by narrowing your focus on just the steel and metal buildings, you're missing a huge opportunity to draw in customers with additional needs. And if you can attract them with other services now, perhaps they'll remember you when they do need self storage services.

In addition to drawing new customers, a self storage facility can entice existing clients to buy into more than just their storage space. Customers looking for convenience are often attracted to a business's ability to help them multitask -- they can complete one or more errands in one simple store visit.

Even diversifying existing self storage offerings, such as adding climate-controlled self storage or facilities to store large recreational vehicles or boats, has the potential to draw new customers and bigger profits.

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